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In My Rereading Era

Until a few years ago, I hardly ever reread a book. I’d plan to—I’d hold onto a book I loved and stare at it on my shelves, thinking wistfully of a day in the future when I’d explore that world again. But rarely did I take that return trip.


Over the past few years, however, I’ve slipped into My Rereading Era. Maybe it started with my annual comfort rewatch of Gilmore Girls: the idea that I could revisit something not just because it was a great show or book, but because it feels like a cozy blanket and a cup of tea on a chilly fall day. A few months ago, when work was stressful and I needed a mental escape, I turned to a favorite romantasy series (ACOTAR: IYKYK, and if you don't then check it out) and reread it. In its entirety. In less than a month. Returning to it all—those characters I liked, that world I had come to know and understand, and those plot points I now know well—was just what I needed. It was like a literary reset button, and once I was done I was ready to move on and discover new books again.


The final book in Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers series was just released, and I was feeling a little sad to know that it was coming to an end. But then I remembered: I can reread it any time I want. The books are sitting in a row on my bookshelves, just waiting for me to revisit the Bergman world, whether because I need something reliably safe when my own world is full of chaos, or for no other reason than wanting a guaranteed good read.


And this morning, with Jen DeLuca’s new book due soon, I was thinking about her Well Met series—the sweet, small town setting; the predictability of the Ren Faire happening every summer; and the familiarity of the recurring characters. It just might be my next reread…

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09 de abr.

Rereading is the best! You get to stay with these great characters, you discover new details you missed when racing through the first time, and you get that comfort. There are some books I have probably read 10 times at this point and I still find details I missed the preceding 9 visits

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