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What I’m _____ This Summer: 2021 Edition

Here’s a roundup of the books, music, movies, and podcasts that are keeping me occupied this summer.


· The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, Natasha Pulley: A clairvoyant, Gilbert & Sullivan, a lonely clerk, and a marriage of convenience come together in an exciting story set in 1880s London and Japan.

· The Woman with the Bouquet, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt: This short story collection had me laughing out loud and gasping in surprise at the twists and turns of each beautifully crafted story.

· The King of Elfland’s Daughter, Lord Dunsany: A poetically told fairytale about what happens when a human marries an elf princess.

Listening to:

· Chiiild, Hope for Sale: Chilled is more like it. The perfect soundtrack for sitting back and relaxing on a hot summer night.

· Yumi Zouma, Truth or Consequences: This album offers up soft pop with some 80s flair. One of those great albums you can listen to from start to finish.

· Electric Guest, Plural: I’m late to the Electric Guest party, but glad I made it. Enjoy a steady stream of beats that’ll make your head bop as you drive around with your windows down.


· Call My Agent! (Netflix): I don’t know what I love most about this French show: the writing, the acting, the cameos by actors playing versions of themselves? There’s humor, drama, and scheming as a group of agents attempt to keep their struggling agency afloat.

· Seaside Hotel (Prime): This is Denmark’s Downton Abbey: each season takes you on the summer adventures of the guests and staff at—you guessed it, a seaside hotel. Expect gorgeous costumes (the series starts in the 1920s), upstairs/downstairs drama, and some lovely scenery, to boot.


· Strong Sense of Place: Each episode explores books set in a particular place, like Sweden, Paris, and also “the circus” or “the sea.” The hosts discuss five books (both fiction and non) that are the ideal picks to transport you there.

· Armchair Expert: A good mix of guests (celebrities, academics, politicians, authors) combine with Monica and Dax’s sincere interest in learning more about who each guest is and how they got where they are today.

Featured books


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