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What It Means to “Geek Out”: Or, More Accurately, What It Means to Me

When I geek out on something, a few things happen:

1. I like it. I really, really like it

2. I’ll search for more things by the person who made it

3. I’ll consume (read, watch, listen) to those other things

4. I’ll periodically check to see whether that person made any new things

5. I’ll talk about it with anyone who will listen

6. I’ll give it to someone else to enjoy

7. I’ll ruminate about what makes it so great

8. I’ll connect with other people who geeked out on it to discuss what makes it so great

9. I’ll re-read, re-watch, or re-listen to it again (and again)

I’m about to launch a series of blog posts on geeking out. I’ll start with “The Last [book/album/movie/TV series] I Geeked Out On” and then move on to “The First [book/album/movie/TV series] I Geeked Out On.”

Maybe you've geeked out on the same things, maybe you'll be inspired to check out something I like, or maybe you'll take some time to sit back and reminisce about the many things you've geeked out on.

A photo of me wearing glasses.

(me at my geekiest)


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