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Books About Books

I've probably established that I love books: reading them, holding them, sharing them, buying them, borrowing them, browsing them, talking about them, and just staring at them on a bookshelf. It should come as no surprise, then, that I also love reading about books.

Books about books—and about the places where you can buy or borrow them—are some of my favorite books to read. From discovering tidbits you didn’t know about a favorite book or bookshop to learning about a book you’ve never read but now must add to your “to-read” list, books about books are a welcome escape into a different kind of story than my usual fiction. In the photo below you’ll see some of the books about books that I’ve enjoyed, including a few recent additions that I can’t wait to dive into, including:

There are many more books about books out there; listed below are just a few of the ones I’m looking forward to adding to my shelf in the future:

  • Bibliophile: Diverse Spines, by Jamise Harper and Jane Mount: A guide to diversifying your reading list, with suggestions by genre and geographic region.

  • My Ideal Bookshelf, by Thessaly La Force and Jane Mount: An illustrated guide to the books that authors and others consider must-reads.

  • Books Make a Home, by Damian Thompson: Ideas and tips for displaying your book collection.

  • Decorating with Books, by Marie Proeller Hueston: More suggestions on how to display your collection at home.

Photograph of books mentioned in post.


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