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My Kind of Winter Storm Preparedness

If, like me, you live in New England, then you might be aware that there’s a pretty big snow storm in the forecast. Words like “blizzard” and “bombogenesis” are being tossed around by meteorologists and civilians alike. We’re looking at up to 2 feet in my area, which has many of us thinking about storm preparedness.

I’m not one of those people who anxiously runs out to the grocery or hardware store when there’s a big snow storm on the horizon. I have a stock of shelf-stable foods and ice melt on hand at all times, so I don’t feel a particular panic about having what I’ll need in terms of surviving and digging myself out of the tundra. What I do worry about is how I’ll keep myself entertained and cozy as I watch the snow drifts accumulate.

A few years ago I ran into a friend at Target days before a big storm. We compared shopping carts: hers contained non-perishables, bottled water, and batteries; mine contained a jumbo bag of Twizzlers, popcorn, and a certain teen vampire movie on DVD. We were both preparing, in our own, unique ways.

With the current storm looming, I already have my old standbys—cocoa and marshmallows—at the ready. I made cookies (which I have tested ahead of time to confirm their deliciousness), and will make bread dough this afternoon. As the snow falls, I’ll be well fed.

As for entertainment, now is the time to pull out those coveted books I’ve been saving. These are the books I am so excited to read that I’ve put them on a shelf to reserve for a special occasion. Well, this is it: being snowed in and reading for hours on end with baked goods, tea, and cocoa sounds like my kind of special occasion. After all, what good is an enforced-hunkering down without a great book? For this storm, I have pulled Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood from my shelf. Her book has been on my to-read list since it was published and now I’ll finally get to savor it. Glowing reviews aside, this is my kind of story: magic, fairy tales, enchanted lands—it’s all there.

If a storm is in your forecast, as well, I hope you’re prepared: pull out that book you’ve been saving, make something delicious to eat, and settle in for a treat.


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