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Stop Everything and Watch Ghosts

Talk about geeking out: I just discovered this BBC series on HBO Max and am officially obsessed. I’ve gotten friends and family to watch and successfully hooked them on this fantastic series.

“Ghosts” is a comical look at how a modern couple copes when they discover that their newly inherited house is haunted by a group of misfit ghosts. There’s Thomas the Romantic poet who falls desperately in love with the new owner; Julian, the disgraced 1990s MP who died pants-less and is condemned to remain so for eternity; and Pat, a 1980s boy scout leader who tries to keep his troop of ghosts busy by arranging daily activities. There are many other characters and the show manages to give each a distinct personality and arc. The humor ranges from slapstick to intelligent, and is often subtle. Blink and you’ll miss a sight gag; lose focus and you’ll miss a sharp one-liner.

I admit to having watched the first three episodes at least five times as I’ve introduced the show to others. The first two episodes are great, but I think the show really takes off in episode 3. By then, the groundwork is laid for the new owners to fully interact with the ghosts and for the viewer to understand and appreciate the characters and story. My favorite episode thus far is season 2, episode 4, where the ghosts give their own, very distinct accounts of how Thomas died. And my favorite character—though it’s awfully hard to choose—is Robin, a caveman who loves chess.

Fortunately, the cast and crew have just finished filming season 3, so I won’t have long to wait for new episodes. In the meantime, I’ve watched and enjoyed the movie “Bill” from the same creative team. It’s a silly take on Shakespeare’s rise to fame featuring many of the same actors.

“Ghosts” is available for streaming on HBO Max. “Bill” is available for rent on Amazon Prime.

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