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The Fall Playlist: 2021

Every spring and fall I create a new playlist; winter and summer tend to lose out, for some reason. I have some standard seasonal playlist practices: first, I find some way to fit the season into the playlist title, e.g., "Falling Over," or "Spring is Sprung." Second, I start with a few peppy songs, slow it down a smidge for a track or two, pick it up a tad for two or three tracks, and then slow it back down through to the end. Lastly, I mix older and newer songs, but typically most are from within the past five years.

I thought I'd share this fall's playlist--"Fallen"--as it includes some of the artists featured in my recent posts. Here's a link to Fallen, and here's a track listing:

  1. I Need Your Love - Albin Lee Meldau

  2. Oh Devil - Electric Guest

  3. Comingback (Single Version) - Parcels

  4. Mexican Holiday - Tim Ayre

  5. What's Wrong - half*alive

  6. Heat Waves - Glass Animals

  7. Last of the Loving - Coco

  8. Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes and Anais Mitchell) - Big Red Machine

  9. Weightless - Chiiild

  10. Stepping on Sticks - Plants

  11. Zero - Electric Guest

  12. Persephone - Yumi Zouma

  13. Details - Leon Bridges

You can read more about my music picks here:

Image of Mix Tape with Fall Background


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