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What I’m _____ This Fall: 2021 Edition

Technically, winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, so I’m sneaking this post in just in time. Here’s what I’ve been checking out this fall:


The Once and Future Witches, Alix E. Harrow: A beautifully written imagining of women coming together in the late 1800s to reclaim their political and social power through witchcraft. A tale of sisterhood that feels especially poignant right now.

Cranford, Elizabeth Gaskell: Women rule the town of Cranford in this charming eighteenth-century classic. Sensing a theme?

In addition to my fall playlist, which is on repeat, I'm also listening to:

Katy J. Pearson, Return: Haunting vocals and melodies that are right up my alley. Folky with a good mix of slow and uptempo tunes.

Cut Copy, Haiku from Zero: Offers those 80s vibes I love, with the modern twists I need to keep it sounding fun and new.


Gilmore Girls, Netflix: It’s fall, so starting the season by rewatching the first season of one of my favorite series (the first few episodes are set during fall, of course) always feels appropriate.

You, Netflix: I put this one off for a while, thinking it would be too dark for me, but the darkness comes packaged with wicked humor and a narrator/lead character who pulls you in with his dangerous charm.


The Just Enough Family: What begins as a portrait of one woman’s career trajectory and personal challenges soon becomes a full tableau of the rise and fall of a family dynasty. My brother and I binged the entire series during a six-hour drive and it kept us on the edge of our car seats.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: I'm a little behind on this podcast, but I recently listened to the episode with Michael Keaton and it was fantastic. I’m not sure I’ve seen or heard Keaton outside of the roles he plays, so it was a great opportunity to learn just how funny he is in real life.

Armchair Expert: Okay, I know I mentioned this podcast in my summer post, but honestly, this is my go-to and I'm always listening to it. The recent episode with David Copperfield made me smile; his philosophy about the role of magic in our world opened my eyes to something new.

Fall-themed photo with books


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